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Services we offer at Starkey Dental

These are just some of the services we offer at Starkey Dental. Call to schedule an appointment to see if any of these are right for you.
Cosmetic Procedures

A great smile doesn't just look good it feels good too! Ask us what crowns, veneers and whitening can do for your smile. Dr. Starkey can use computer technology to show before and after photos of what your smile has the potential to look like. Whether you need your teeth or gums reshaped, replaced or lightened, we can show you the results. We use quality materials to make sure your smile looks great and natural.


Implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth. Instead of having bridges or dentures done, an implant can be placed. The implant is rooted into the gum just like a real tooth. They are the most stable option and are the best way to recapture your smile. 

Digital Impressions

The iTero Digital Impression system is part of new cutting-edge technology that leaves the traditional messy and inconvenient impression materials behind. The digital technology captures clear and highly accurate impression data in minutes, allowing for a more comfortable experience for the patient. 

Preventative Procedures

Our staff is committed to providing the care you need to maintain a healthy smile. Through routine check-ups we are able to manage any developing conditions and prevent dental disease at its earliest stages. This not only protects your teeth and gums but it will help to limit your dental-related expenses. Regular cleanings help to eliminate decay and digital x-rays allow us to see problems inside the teeth and below the gum line. 


Invisalign aligners are the newest alternative to metal braces. These clear, comfortable and removable aligners come in a series which over time will help to straighten your teeth. These are preferred by many patients because they are easy to use and cause little interference in daily life. Dr. Starkey will make a customized plan that will help to straighten out your smile.


Laser dentistry allows for treatment of a specific area without damaging surrounding tissues. This approach allows us to deliver safe and precise treatment with minimized pain and recovery time. We use this technique for a wide variety of procedures to help minimize bleeding and the risk of infection. 

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